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Elin Hamalainen ISA



CV of Aloysia C. Hamalainen ISA CAPP


Montgomery Appraisal Group


301-879-3204 (office), 240-277-7250 (Cell)


Certified Appraiser of all appreciable and depreciable personal property, currently appraising Fine Art and Decorative Arts for Estate, Insurance coverage and Donation. (2005-Present)


Background and Experience

  • Qualified Appraiser, Internal Revenue Service
  • Qualified Appraiser, Appraisal Standards Board
  • Appointed to the Task force of Appraisal Standards Board of theAppraisal Foundation to revise Personal Property appraisal standards 7 and 8
  • Accepted as expert witness, Montgomery County Circuit court, Md.
  • Appraised important artists' work for donation to The National Gallery of Art, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Kemper Museum, American University, The Phillips Collection, UMD, The de Looper Foundation, The Paul Reed Foundation and other public and private fine art galleries.
  • Acceptance to ISA's Private Client Services program


  • Eighteenth Century European and American paintings and decorative arts,
  • Nineteenth Century European and American paintings and decorative arts,
  • Twentieth Century European and American paintings and decorative arts,
  • Sterling Silver and Silver Plate: Flatware, Hollowware and Decorative items,
  • American and European Art Pottery, Porcelain and Glass,
  • Rare Books and Ephemera,
  • Eighteenth Century European and American furniture,
  • Nineteenth Century European and American furniture,
  • Twentieth Century European and American furniture,
  • Persian and Oriental Rugs
  • International Art and Antiquities Crime                          




1975: BA: George Washington University: Art History and Anthropology

1976: Graduate courses at Smithsonian Institution Conservation lab under Dr. C. Rose

1976: BA: George Washington University: Art History and Anthropology

1985-1990: Independent Fee Appraisers Principles of Valuation appraisal courses

2001-2004: All Core courses of the American Society of Appraiser program

2004: George Washington University Center for Professional Development: Certificate in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts/Connoisseurship

2005: Principles in Valuation (American Society of Equine Appraisers)

2009: Qualified and received Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP) credential


Post Graduate Education (2010 to present)

Courses and Lectures Attended (2010 to present, earlier upon request)


Conference topics 3/19-3/20/21:

Pop Culture evaluations, Sculptures, Difference in lifetime and posthumous casts, The emerging market in African Art, Vintage Rolex valuation, Washington Color School, Update in Furniture valuations, Update in Jewelry appraising, Mid Century Modern Furniture valuation, New Technologies in appraising.

Webinar: Appraising couture, designer & vintage clothing, Julia Bloodgood, AAA



1/6/2020 – 3/6/2020: MOMA on line. Post War Abstract Expressionist Artists

3/20: ISA On-Line Conference (8 hours)

NYU on line course: Appraising Wine – Old World versus New World

On line ISA: Diminution of Value Webinar Series

Webinar: Appraising Antiquities, Sue McGovern-Huffman

Webinar: Appraising Autographs, manuscripts, historical documents, Kathenes ISA CAPP

Webinar: Appraising Stamps and Coins, Brian Kathenes ISA CAPP

Webinar: Book Appraisal Methodology, Mary Kohnke, ISA

Webinar: Jewelry From Designers to Diamonds, Amy Lawch ISA AM GG

Webinar: Historic Frames, Bill Adair, Gold Leaf Studios

Webinar: Later Japanese Ceramics, presented by Daphne L. Rosenzweig, PhD, ISA CAPP

Webinar: USPAP and Fine Art Appraisals, Steve Roach, ISA CAPP

Webinar: Webinar: 19th Century Drawing and Prints, Polly Sartori AAA  19C Gallery

Webinar: Chinese Export Silver, ISA

Webinar: Books for the Generalist, ISA

3/9 Virtual Meeting Steve Roach Art Market

3/29: Martin Rapaport Webinar: The Rapaport Price List (How to calculate diamonds)

4/2 Navigating Personal Property Valuation COVID-19 Concerns, AAA, ISA TAF

11/6: Zoom w/Isabelle de la Houssaye: African Currency Forms

12/21: Gary Cameron Lionel Toy Trains



Annual Conference 14 hours CEU

Webinar: Book appraisal, 1 hour CEU

Webinar: Fundamentals of Watch Appraising, Joe Cohen

Webinar: Appraising Rugs, Ellen Amirkhan ISA CAPP

Webinar: "Identifying Heroes in Asian Art” Dr. Daphne Rosenzweig PhD, ISA CAPP

Webinar: Artsy Webinar  The Online Art Collector Report 2019

1/7/19: Todd Sigety ISA CAPP: Antique Furniture market

2/4/19: Matt Wilcox: Art Frauds and Forgeries

5/6: Melanie Marts, GIA ivory in the market

10/10: 2 Tours, Anderson House and Gold Leaf Studio

11/4: Alex Volkonsky, art restorer



USPAP 7 hour update: ACA by Bill Novotny 7 hours CEU

AAA course on Fine Wine Appraisal. 10 hours. Gayle Skuczlik CEU

ISA: High Net Worth Individuals. 10.75 credits CEU

Advanced Appraisal Methodology, 9/6/18 10 credits CEU

FAE 2 Day Evaluation Seminar, 9/7-8, 17 hours CEU

Webinar: Appraising Chinese Jade Carvings, Daphne Rosenzweig PhD, ISA CAPP

Webinar:  Buddhism and its Symbolism in Asian Art, Daphne Rosenzweig PhD, ISA CAPP

2/5: Oscar Fitzgerald. Antique Furniture

4/9/18: Aneta G-Shine: Modern Art Market

5/8/18: Dr. Joseph Jabbour: Watches in the marketplace.

10/1/18: Dale Sorenson PHD, ISA AM: Guidelines to appraising books of all kinds

11/4/18: Molly Huang, ISA: The Importance of Provenance in appraising Chinese Art



ISA Conference: 14 hours CEU

Appraising Picasso Webinar: 1 CEU

Maryland Historical Society: 6 hour course on Federal furniture, 6 CEU

Japanese Prints Dr. Daphne Rosenzweig ISA CAPP PhD.: 15 hours CEU

Webinar: Leveraging Art Market Trends, Cindy Rosenberg ISA CAPP

Webinar: Appraising Pablo Picasso Part I and  II

1/6: Amanda Malkin: Paper conservation

2/6: Laura Kleim: Federal Furniture

3/6: Matt Quinn” The Art of Merton Simpson

4/4: Ben Farina, Asian art at auction

5/1: Steve Roach ISA CAPP, Coins value

9/11, 11/6, 1/5: Aneta Shine: 3 part series on fine art valuation

10/2: Irwin Gross GG, Jewelry Appraising

12/11: Frank Millwee Heraldic Silver valuation



ISA Conference, Three days. 18 CEUs

Online Course: Art Crime, University of Glasgow. 12 hours (CEU) . Certificate of completion

USPAP update: 7  hours (CEU)

AAA Jewelry for Generalist in NYC. 7 hours (certificate of completion) (CEU)

Three Day Symposium on Art and Architecture in the time of George Washington, Mount Vernon, 5/27-5/29 15 hours CEU.

Two Day FAE Conference on Fakes and Frauds, 9.23-9/25/16. 17 hours CEU

1/4: Jennifer L. Mass, Ph.D, Scientific Analysis of Fine Art

2/1: Daniel A. Piazza, Assistant Curator of Philately at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

3/7: David Weiss, Freeman’s Auction

4/4: Millwee Sterling Silver

5/2: Adam Erby: Mount Vernon news

9/12: Nicholas Nicolson: Values in Russian Art

10/3: Dr. Wilfied Zeisler, Faberge Eggs

11/7: Claudia Pfiefer, Sporting Museum



Smithsonian Institution: Certificate in World Art History (Certificate of completion) 80 hours CEU

ISA Conference: 14 hours CEU

1/5:  Cleveland,  Paper Conservation

2/2 : A. G. Shine PhD: Women artists 20th century

3/9:  Elizabeth Berman ISA AM : Judaica (Art)

4/6:  Catherine Hollan GG: Silver makers and marks

5/5: Brett Stouffer, Guns in Estates

8/31: Tim Andreadis (Freeman’s) on George Nakashima

10/3:  Katherine Fernstron PHD,: Three Families of Pueblo Potters

11/2: Nelson GG: Heirloom Jewelry



ISA Conference, Three days, 16 CEU

1/6: Matt Wilcox: Illustration Art

2/3: Fitzgerald PhD, Mid Century Modern Furniture

4/7: Geiger Esq.: Estate Law

5/5: Leila Dunbar ISA AM: Wine appraising

10/6: Schuttinger/Merritt ISA AM: 18th century Furniture

10/20: (Castner PhD, ISA CAPP) Broad Evidence Report

11/3: Bobby Mann GG: Update on Ivory



FAE: Two Day Valuation Seminar, 16 CEU

ISA Conference, Four days, 18 CEU

1/7: Zipp, Stoneware pottery

2/4: Lea Dunbar AAA, ISA AM Sports values

3/4: Bruce Schuttenger ISA AM, Furniture conservation

3/12: Persian Rug seminar (10am to 4 pm)

4/1: (Matt Quinn) Auction market

10/7: (Nelson) Jewelry market

11/4: (Ken Farmer) Market trends



ISA Conference, Four Days, 18 CEU

1/9: A. Shine PhD, DC Printmakers

2/6: Frank Ceruci, Sports cards valuation

3/5: Zimmerman,  Antique watches

4/2: Charles Goldstein ISA CAPP , Art Fraud

5/7: Panel: Appraisal examples

6/4: Millwe,  Antique Heraldry and silver

10/5: Aneta Shine PhD, , Modern Art survey

11/5: Bonita Billman PHd, Chinese Art survey



ISA Conference: Four days, 18 CEU

1/3: Donovan,  State of the Auction market

2/7: Water color market

3/7: Hastings ISA AM, Russian porcelain

4/4: Dunn, Esq.,  Huntington Block

5/2: Nelson GG, Jewelry appraisal tips

6/13: Lerner,  Coins

4/12: NHA Field trip (4 hours)

9/12: Proulx ISA AM Painting research

10/3: Fitzgerald PhD,  Furniture

11/8: Art Conservation



ISA Conference, Four days, 18 CEUs

1/4: Dale Sorenson: Prints

2/3: ISA update: Winer

3/1: Schuttinger ISA AM: Furniture conservation

4/5: Fenton Glass

6/7: Grais PhD,  Chinese Art

9/13: Verner Hindrich: Icons

10/9: Sigety ISA CAPP: Internet savvy

11/1: Field Trip: EEOB tour of Antique interiors and restoration of antiques



2008-2009 - ISA Service Award

2009-2010 - ISA Special Merit Award

2014-2015 - ISA Leadership and Service Award



English (native)

French (bilingual oral and written fluency)

Classical Latin (written)



International Society of Appraisers: Certified Member

Currently Serving on the Special Appraisal Selection Committee 

   (Served on the Board of Directors and the Foundation For Appraisal Education  2009-2014)

*             Currently serving on the Board of the National Capital Area Chapter of the ISA


National Association of Equine Appraisers



8808 Mustang Island Circle, Naples, FL 34113

329 Charred Oak Court, Annapolis, MD 21409



          American Society of Equine Appraisers: Certified Member          

  • Over thirty years of horse related activities
  • Competed, volunteered and judged at Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Combined Training shows;
  • Bred, trained and sold a variety horses as well as tack and other equipment;
  • Managed barn of horses, including pleasure horses, broodmares and a breeding stallion.


            2008-2009 - ISA Service Award

            2009-2010 - ISA Special Merit Award

            2014-2015 - ISA Leadership and Service Award



Consultant to:

    •The OSS Society, Inc, MD Carroll County Historical Society, MD Society for the Blind, Universal Unitarian Church, UMD: Joseph Sheppard Gallery, CIA, Sandy Spring Museum,  etc.



I have been asked, "What is an ISA CAPP?"  I explain that the acronym stands for the highest level of certification available in the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) which is "Certified Appraiser of Personal Property" It is attained after the accredited candidate fulfills a demanding demonstration of competence and ability by examination, hours of experience and report writing.  The process is difficult enough that many appraisers do not attempt it, and  fewer accomplish it. 

Suffice it to say, the CAPP designation indicates a personal and professional level of expertise that is accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and courts of law and should give confidence to the client that their appraisal will be in accordance to the current laws, rules and regulations

Personal Property, Equine  and Real Estate Appraisers



We have two locations! 

329 Charred Oak Court

Annapolis, MD 21409 


8808 Mustang Island Circle
Naples, FL 34113

Office phone: 301-879-3204

Personal Property and Equine:

Aloysia Hamalainen ISA CAPP, ASEA

cell: 240-277-7250, email: ahamalainen@montgomeryappraisalgroup.com


Elin Hamalainen ISA


Real Estate:

John Hamalainen cell: 301-466-3504, email hamalainen@montgomeryappraisalgroup.com

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