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A few unsolicited comments from clients, and now friends


Dear Aloysia,


Your appraisal arrived in this afternoons mail, thank you very much for such a professional, detailed, and beautiful presentation, I might even say that it is a work of art.  It was indeed a pleasure to meet you, and best of all knowing you love Italy as I do.  I hope that it will not be very long before we meet once again. 

Best wishes,


Gene Markowski

Professor, Trinity College, Washington DC



Many thanks for your time yesterday.  It was most instructive.

Richard Lambert


Ms. Hamalainen: 
Many thanks for your time on Saturday: it was very professional and most helpful in guiding us. Later, during Saturday evening, we ran into a minister who was quite interested in the padded furniture and my Parents' bedroom set. Not sure if I will find someone to who can use the Maple wood dining room set but I hope I can keep all the pieces together. 
Thank you for your card. If I meet anyone in need of your services, I will surely pass you name to them. Best regards, Charlie and Marie Murphy


Dear Nini, 


We were so pleased to have you visit us last Friday morning to help with our "precious" items for the Silent Auction. 


By opening on Saturday morning we had 101 items; 85 sold at minimum bid or higher and 16 were taken to White Elephant marked at the minimum bid (usually $5 or $10).  The highest bids were for the 12-string YAMAHA Guitar at $100 and the SKIL toolset at $100; the 19th Century Tool Chest at $75.  The pair of Philippines Lamps went for $70 with lots of interest and the Kaleidoscope went for $55 with interest (nine bids). 

It was fun working with you both and we do appreciate your assistance.  You helped make our Bazaar the success it was. 


With appreciation,

Paulette and Marie


Thank you so much, Nini.  I will stay in touch, and you can be sure I will recommend you to anyone I can think of!!! 

Lovely job. 



Dear Nini,


I thank you sincerely for all of your research, your hard work and your kindness in putting together the authoritative appraisal of our Sheppard oils.  I felt good about our donation, but now feel even better having met your and seen you in action.  You taught me a lot.


Denise and I greatly appreciate all that you have done to help our wish become a reality.  Many, many thanks.

Donor of fine art


Hello Nini, 


Thank you so much - not just for such a complete and thorough report, but also for accommodating our timing so quickly.  Very much appreciated.

Regards, Michael 


Dear Mrs. Hamalainen:


I wanted to take a moment, on behalf of the Victoria Falls community, to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for your presentation at our First Antique Roadshow on Saturday, January 12th.  Your presentation and passion regarding your work was very well received by our residents and their guests.  We have received several positive comments, including, "This was one of the best events we have had at this community."

Thank you for being so gracious with your time and sharing your knowledge.  We hope that you enjoyed meeting the residents of Victoria Falls and that you will consider returning in the future.


Thank you again for taking the time to made a memorable event for us.



Amanda DeFilippo, Lifestyle Director

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