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Personal property appraisals for Estate, insurance coverage, donation  and resale are written and conform to the standards of the UNIFORM STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL APPRAISAL PRACTICES (USPAP) and the ethics of THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF APPRAISERS and The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF EQUINE APPRAISERS. 


Real Estate: appraisals are written in compliance with the rules and regulations of the states of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, in accordance with USPAP.

Our appraisals are accepted by Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia and the Internal Revenue Service for probate and equitable distribution.



Personal Property and Equine: Consultations for downsizing and equitable distribution of residential contents and collections and horses and equipment. Court appearance and expert witness. 

Real Estate: Court appearance and expert witness.


Appraisal Writing Guidelines

An appraisal report may be utilized in a wide variety of contexts, depending on its purpose: an insurance schedule; the settlement of a damage/loss claim; a determination of tax liability for the IRS in an estate situation; a determination of tax relief for the IRS in a non-cash charitable contribution; the basis for an equitable distribution; or the basis for disposition decisions, to illustrate just a few of the possibilities.

The appraisal report should allow the reader to follow the appraiser in the valuation process, in a reasonable and logical manner. The document should present, in articulate and precise language: (1) the purpose, terms and marketplace context in which the value is determined; (2) the data and sources examined, and the analysis which was applied; (3) a full description of the object, appropriate to its value, importance and the purpose, applying the evaluative experience of the appraiser; and (4) the value conclusion. The narrative must be cogently and intelligently written with no loopholes.

Each valuation process is unique. The appraiser should be satisfied that the report anticipates and answers any questions that may be raised.

Personal Property, Equine  and Real Estate Appraisers



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Personal Property and Equine:

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